Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Life is seriously unfair

I was home sick today (hopefully I'll still have a job on Tuesday, but that's another story) and got caught watching Maury. Lately it's all lie detector and paternity tests. This one was the latter.

They had three women on who had, all totaled up, tested 25 men for paternity of their children. One woman cheated on her man with 8 different guys so she wasn't sure at all who the father was.

Now, besides the commentary this might make on the moral fiber of our culture, this made me think of one thing... Where do I have to go to meet one of these women who are sleeping with 5, 6, 8 men in the span of a week? It seems that some women and men are getting far more than their share of sex in this world. I can't even buy it. Well, I probably could but it's to much work to do it here. In Germany, where prostitution was legal, I'd just go down to the red light district and get a blowjob or something. But here it's, as I said, to much work.

I hit puberty and from there get sex a couple of times a decade. Hell, I went the last 6 years of my marriage with no sex (except for the two days in February when I was damn near forced into it so that our son could be conceived). Anyone who doubts the female "biological clock" just doesn't know any women in their mid to late 30's who don't have any kids. I mean it even overpowered the sex drive of a lesbian, fer cryin' out loud!

To be perfectly honest, I'm not looking for a sex kitten. I doubt that I could do more than once every couple of weeks. What I am looking for is someone to be with. Heart, mind & soul. To take care of and to be taken care of. To hold and to be held by. To talk to and to listen to. I want someone to be with, and all that that implies. Young people today don't appreciate the value of the kiss. Just necking, that's what our parents called it. Making out.

You can be sure that I was completely felled when I heard that making out to the current crop of young people meant everything excluding vaginal intercourse. Everything up to, and including, oral sex isn't considered as sex. Kids go hangout with their friends, get some burgers, engage in some fellatio, see a movie and go home. Some might say that I am just jealous because this wasn't the way when I was young. Damn straight, bubba! But also I see it as one who just turned 42 and cares for a son who is soon to be 8. There are 8 year olds having sex these days. You think it's mostly in the urban areas but it's all over. I'd rather he not learn this lesson for about 8 to 10 more years.

Anyway, life is unfair. When I was 8 we weren't having sex (for the most part). When I was 18 I wasn't having much sex because I was a desperate and horny dork. Nothing like a dork who's desperately needing to get laid to make a girl turn away. When I got in my 20's I got more than I thought I did at the time. In my 30's I was married and maybe got sex, of any kind, about 8 or 10 times IN THE DECADE! I'm now in my 40's and a cripple. If I could perform a good bout of mish it'd be a miracle. That or I'd be dead right after. I don't know where this rekindling (of something that I'm not sure is there) with the very nice Chinese lady will go anywhere, but I hope that there's some happiness, for both of us, no matter where it takes us.

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