Friday, June 24, 2005

Acid trip

I need to get a new picture up on here. Where the hell is my camera? If I find it I'll work on getting something a bit less insane looking.


  1. Please do so Joe, it scares me to visit the page now days. Too bad I don't have any photos from the trip to Disney back ... what ... 12 years ago or so.

  2. Man, it has been a long time. Do you still keep in tougch with Lamar or Keith? Lamar and I talk every some often (he calls me knowing full well that I'll just keep forgetting to call him). The last time I spoke to Keith was in '96. It was a quick phone call from a hotel I was staying at.

  3. I've lost touch with everyone. You were easy to find because of your old web site (and now I can't even remember it) We all kinda moved on from the ole BBS days. I'm attempted to keep a blog again (they never seem to last long) This time HERE Maybe someday someone from the my TriBBS past will show up there