Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Comments on the US GP

I'm speechless. It was almost like watching a train wreck. Seven of the ten teams drove into the pits after the formation lap and essentially boycotted the race. Seems that there were problems with the Michelin tires this weekend. Ralf Schumacher lost his left rear and plowed into the wall at turn 13, a scene very reminiscent of what happened in the 2004 race that put him out for 12 races with a broken back. This time it wasn't at all bad. The track had installed the special safety wall so when his left rear lost it in the practice session he wasn't injured. He was, however, not cleared by the F1 doctors for this race. The issue would be moot because all of the Michelin teams pulled out of the race. This left Ferrari, Jordan-Toyota and Minardi-Cosworth left to race. If you could call it a race. Obviously there were three classes of cars on the track and not surprisingly they finished in order; Ferrari, Jordan, Minardi. This did give Tiago Monteiro his first podium, was the first podium by a Portuguese and was Jordan's first in may years.

The guys on Speed Channel were all aghast. In fact that would be an understatement. Terms like "sad" and "farcical" were heard numerous times. I don't blame them. This race was a sham. It seems that what happened was Michelin decided early race morning that their tires were not safe to drive on. The sweeping banked turn, what would be turn one for the Indy 500, was to much for the tires. They recommended that the Michelin shod teams not race on these tires without something done to reduce speed on that corner. They asked for a chicane to be put in. The Indy raceway said they would accommodate this but the FIA, the F1 governing body, said no. Thus the teems decision to not run.

I have to say that my feeling on this is simple... The FIA, Michelin and the 7 teams that pulled out were all very stupid. Less so for the teams as it would be ridiculous for them to purposely put their drivers in danger. But the fact that some kind of compromise couldn't be reached is absurd. And the ones who got the biggest end of the stick were the fans followed closely by the Speedway organizers. It was a disgrace to F1.

Oh, the finishing order was Michael, Rubens, Monteiro, Narain Karthikeyan, Christijan Albers and Patrick Friesacher. No points were awarded to 7th and 8th. Not that anyone really cares right now.

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