Monday, June 20, 2005

Down comes the night

Well, Joseph is officially not living with me now. For the next few months he'll be living with his mother and her girlfriend. It wasn't so bad before, when she still lived nearby. But now it's going to be almost impossible. I have no idea how this will be able to work. All I know is that anyone reading this blog needs to brace themselves for two and a half months of insane behavior. At least I have the F1 US Grand Prix to watch and comment on (I recorded it from last night).

I see only dark clouds on the horizon.


  1. I don't know what to say other than 'hang in there.' Nobody can take your kid away. This has to be just a temporary thing.

  2. It's just for the summer. I get him back around the ed of August. The custody arrangement worked out fine when we lived relatively close to each other. But now with her in MD...

    $DEITY help us! There was no reason for her to move that far away.

  3. Exactly how far away is "far away," just out of curiosity?

  4. Me = Dale City, VA
    She = Laurel, MD

    Now, when you were here last this wasn't but a little trip up and to the right. However now, with my driving ability starting to become limited a tad, it might as well be Mars.

    The problem isn't really my ability to drive (yet). It's just that it's become to painful to be driving or riding in a car for more than 15 minutes or so. Which is going to be a real problem the end of next month. The family is all going up to PA for a mega family reunion. Last year there were, I think, some 280 people there. This year we're told not to be surprised if 400+ show up. That's what happens with them Italian families. ;-)