Wednesday, June 22, 2005

fsck the human race

Why has common sense become a liability? When did common sense become so lost that a big tall bald guy with a serious drawl becomes a celebrity for having as much common sense as a 10 year old? That's not a knock against Dr. Phil. He's a pretty ok guy, I think. But the things he's talking about and working with people on are, for the most part, simple little common sense things that we all should have learned by the 4th grade.

I bring this up because it's getting harder and harder for me to stomach the culture and especially the political process that has pervasively insinuated itself within the USA. There used to be a time when I thought that the current political parties were remotely concerned with the welfare of this country. They had some disagreements about how things should be done but that is a good thing. Competition and all that. But now it's obvious to anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together that neither party has any concern or even interest in the welfare of "the people." Growing up in Europe I learned about and experienced many things that the vast majority of people in the US haven't begun to imagine. So, because of this, I generally leaned right (as in Republican). The fact is that no one but a fool would be a Democrat. But now the Republicans have become just as bad, and in many ways worse. It's starting to scare me a little. Not for me but for my son. I don't want to leave him to this world of idiots and fools and just plain stupid people. That old saying, "the inmates are running the asylum" is quite fitting these days. The last presidential election I voted for the Democratic ticket for the first time, well, ever. Not because I thought that Kerry /Edwards would or even could win but because I couldn't in good conscious vote for Bush/Cheney. Big business, big government, big military... These aren't the answers to todays problems. And as bad as it is with the GOP "in power" it would be twice as bad with the Dems in office. But I don't accept that these are our only choices. [At this point I can hear some out there saying, "What about the Green Party? What About the Libertarians? What about _______?" When it comes down to it there are only two political parties in this country. Anyone who thinks different is just deluding themselves.]

So what am I ranting about? I don't know. I was watching the movie 1776 a while back and it got me thinking about how our country got started and the men who did all the work putting together the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution and I realize that they would be ashamed at how things ended up today. Those men did something that had never been done in recorded history. Never, in the entire existence of the human race, had a colony broken from it's mother country and became a new country itself. Think about that for a minute. Independence was not, and had never been something that happened. Ever. The men who worked so hard to make this country, while not being perfect (with the possible exception of Ben Franklin), were head and shoulders above the current political specimen as to be demigods. And I include the states governments as well as the national. This is part of the problem in that no one with half a brain would ever go into politics. Politicians are all liars, cheats and thieves. Would you want to go into a profession where you had to not only associate with liars, cheats and thieves but had to become one yourself in order to just remain afloat? I didn't think so.

But therein lies another facet of the problem. The general public is composed of 99% morons. Yes, 9 out of 10 of you reading this are drooling idiots. (Unless one of you is a particular guy out in Utah; you're not a drooling idiot) Why do I say this? Just look around. O.J. and Robert Blake and now Michael Jackson have shown us that you CAN get away with murder if you're rich. Bill Clinton and Bill Gates have shown us that you can be a lying, cheating, selfish, power mad ass who is only concerned with how much they can grab and how to stomp on people to get their self-proclaimed rewards. There's been a perversion of the way things are done in this world and the US is helping to lead the way. How? Two thing come to mind. First, the idea that the world owes one everything. I'm tired of hearing some whining pathetic useless lump of flesh go on about how they deserve respect. Respect is earned, not demanded. And the constant yelling about how this or that offends us, and anything that offends us should be destroyed. Most people offend me and there are days when I wish I could destroy them. But I digress. The second is the simple lack of common sense and courteousness. It used to be that if you saw someone in trouble you would stop to help. Now we just step over them and keep right on going. This is partly due to the selfishness and self-centered attitudes that have become the norm these days. It's also due to that fact that if you do stop to help you've got a non-trivial chance of being mugged, beaten or killed. And this I lay on societies feet, too. We do a lot to help raise our children as criminals. Me first! You OWE me everything! If I cheat, lie and steal then I'll get far and become an important person. Just like Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson, Robert Blake, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Marion Berry, and a plethora of others who can be found at anytime, day or night, on our wonderful TV screens.

And remember, I am always right!


  1. First off, I'm glad to know I don't drool as much as the rest of the US. :)

    Second, I agree with the politics + idiots sentiments. Unfortunately, after reading David McCullough's awesome biography of John Adams I can't share your view of the sanctity of our country's founders. They did amazing things, yep, and there was pure genius (and quite a few instances of dumb luck), but a lot of today's back stabbing and idiocy was alive and well back then, too. Folks like Jefferson, Hamilton, and even Franklin weren't quite the same people we learned about in high school. It's disappointing and fascinating all at the same time.

    Folks like John Adams would be severely disappointed in how today's government works. Folks like Jefferson and Franklin? Perhaps not. Even Washington wasn't beyond scratch-my-back-I'll-scratch-yours politics (he put a megalomaniacal nut job like Hamilton in front of an army with guns, for cryin' out loud).

    Anyhoo... If you're bored, read or listen to David McCullough's John Adams biography some time. It's actually very interesting, kind of a tell-all book of stuff that happened when our country formed. It's quite an eye opener.

  2. Heh, I know some of the basics about our "Founding Fathers" and all the really hardcore zeal(otry?) they lived life with. The history books did a lot of cleaning up over the centuries. The kind of men who could actually pull off a revolution would be half crazy to begin with anyway.

    Did you know that Adams and Jefferson became lifelong friends? Adams was a number of years older but they died on the same day just hours apart.

  3. Yeah, the Adams biography went into the whole Jefferson/Adams friendship. It was actually a contentious friendship with Jefferson frequently back-stabbing Adams when he wasn't around. They ended their friendship late in life and didn't talk at all until they were near death, when they "reunited" and made nice with each other. Jefferson, for all his contributions to the world, sounds like a seriously irritating, whiney, fairly lazy, rich, spend thrift, self serving, spoiled brat lout (did you know the Library of Congress was started with Jefferson's extensive book collection, not because he was generous but because he owed the government a s**tload of money and wanted to get them off his back?). Definitely the kind of guy it's good to know about but not actually know personally.

    Speaking of Jefferson... Brenda's grandfather died a few years ago at 95. For no apparent reason I did some math and determined that if you went back in time only two grandpa's ago and knocked on the front door of Monticello, a feeble Jefferson would answer the door. Our country really is quite young when you think about it in those terms. Kinda freaky, at least to me. It all seems like ancient history but really it's only a couple of generations ago that this country was put together. Time in the US moves fast...

  4. Growing up in Europe I saw cities that were over 2000 years old in Germany and the stuff in Italy... The leaning tower is really best experienced live. All the pictures in the world don't come anywhere close. I remember when we came over here in the summer of '88 we went to Old Town Alexandria and there were buildings with stars on them. I was told that they are historical buildings, some over 200 years old. Now, just a few years earlier I was there to celebrate the 2000th anniversary for the city of Augsburg. It was established in 15 BC.