Monday, June 27, 2005

More on the US Grand Prix fiasco

Max Mosley, President of Formula One racing’s governing body, the FIA, is interviewed about the events of last weekend’s United States Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. has an interview with Max Mosley about the fiasco that was the US Grand Prix race. It's good reading and very informative.

My opinion is only strengthened by this. Michelin screwed the pooch. They didn't bring the right tires and got burned by it. The FIA was not responsible for what happened just as the Indianapolis Speedway was not to blame. I can partially forgive the teams in that they didn't want to put their drivers in a potentially deadly situation. I hope that this incident gets put behind and that we will see a good race in France next weekend.

As a side note there's two things I'd like to see happen for the rest of the season. First, that there be a real race for the championship (ideally between Fernando, Kimi & Michael). Second, that American Scott Speed get a ride for one race.

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