Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Some people can be kind hearted

If you've read this blog for a little while you'll know that I am a disabled, unemployed high end techie. What this means is that I have the skills, knowledge and abilities to work with Enterprise level systems. The problem is that, being disabled, I cannot work full-time. There are no part-time positions in the IT/IS world. The disability also makes working at any old job like Burger King or in a mail room impossible. Finally there's the "Revenge of Bill Gates" curse on me. I have been using, working with and evangelizing Linux and Open Source for well over a decade. Thus I have little or no experience with MS Office. I could be an office assistant or even a receptionist but for that lack in my knowledge. Finally, my lack of any kind of degree from any accredited school and I'm just SOL. So other than a brief consulting stint in January I have been paycheck-less for 7 months. My disability annuity is enough to pay the rent but that's about it. Enter the kindness of others.

There are a few communities I have been on for a long time through the form of mailing lists. My level of participation has varied from time to time but I always try and keep a hand in what's going on. With the situation as it's been lately I have been forced to discontinue participation. Well, some of the people on a few of the lists have been trying to do whatever they can to help me. A few sent me (unsolicited, as it make me feel uneasy) checks for a little here and there. Others have lent a ear and have been willing to listen and talk with me. And if any of them read this I do promise to become more communicative "real soon now." I never expected this kind of generosity but it has been a wonderfully huge help. One check went directly to buy food for my son (and me) to live on for three weeks. I still feel a little ashamed when I think about things; I never wanted to become a charity case. But as many have reminded me the support is also for my son. And for him I'll do anything I possibly can. Even accept charity.

But the bottom line of this post is to say that I feel there are a lot of good, kind people out there. I can only hope to aspire to their level.

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