Friday, July 29, 2005

Beyond ridiculous acts of vanity

Warning! The following content might not be suitable for some viewers. If you find comments about various specific body parts objectionable please do not go any further!

You have been warned.

A couple of months back I was flipping through the radio stations in my car and ran across a discussion about the latest body enhancement fad that's going around. The hook was that the DJ's could not say what it was on the air. If you called them (and got through) they could tell you over the phone. Well, being a curious sort, I called. When I got through I discovered that the latest and greatest in "plastic surgery" is -

Anal Bleaching

Yes, the in thing is to make your asshole nice and pristine looking as, well, I can't imagine. The whole shaving off of all pubic hair was bad enough (people, especially women, look so UN-sexy like that) but it had some very minor though highly speculative health benefits. Very speculative in my opinion. But this has got to be the most useless and idiotic cosmetic procedure in the history of vanity. Seriously.

And in case you're wondering (yeah, I can see the tension of anticipation from here), I have not nor will I ever avail myself of either of these fads.

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