Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Comcast really sucks

You know, for the leading broadband service provider, Comcast is the pits. I have not had a decent connection, or any connection for that matter, in months. Every time I call their support, on the rare occasions I can actually get through to a human, they say that there's no problems on their end. Bull puckies! I'm writing this post using drivel on 7/27/05 at approximately 10:00 with no connection to the world. We'll have to see how long it takes before I can get it up online. It might be worth it to put a phone line in the house and get Verizon DSL. The cost of a line plus service shouldn't be more than the cable "broadband" I'm paying for now.

[Fast Forward]

It's now 13:45 and I have a link. Hopefully this will stay up for more than a few hours. I still think Comcast sucks.

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  1. It seems that Comcast is sucking a bit less as I have had good connectivity lately. It's been only two days but that's WAY more than I was ever getting before. Keeping fingers crossed.