Thursday, July 28, 2005

Comments on the German GP

"If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all."
This could be Kimi's theme song. He started from poll and just blasted his way to a 38 second lead. Then what happens? He loses hydraulics and, boom, out of the race. I believe that the commentators said that he's never finished at Hockenheim. This gave Alonso the lead and, eventually, the race.

One of the big stories was JP. He spun out on the last curve during qualifying, while on a pace to take poll, and had to start dead last in P-20. However, the fact that the weather was cool helped him immensely. Known for his amazing ability to race with cool tired, he stomped up the line to finish the race in second. This race showed that the McLaren cars are the fastest on the track. If it weren't for the mechanical problems he's had Kimi would now be leading the drivers race with seven wins. But all the "what if's" in the world won't change the fact that Alonzo has six wins and a virtual lock on the championship.

Jacques had a bit of a rough time himself. He finished way back but being hit two or three times can do that to you. He had to come in for a nose change and various other fixes. Seemed like everyone was running into him.

Michael started in P-5 but jumped over Jenson to take 3rd at the start. He was holding onto it fairly well until the later stages of the race. The Bridgestone tires started wearing out badly. This let Jenson retake third for his second podium of the season. Even Giancarlo jumped him with one lap to go to drop Michael into 5th place. He finished just in front of his brother. Ferrari is really struggling with the lack of performance this year. I think it's primarily the tires but there's definitely more than just that. Poor Rubens was just toasted and ended up a real non-factor this race.

David C has been doing his part for Red Bull. He finished in the points again giving the "new" team even more respect. I think that this is a team to watch in the coming years.

It looks like a win in both the driver and constructors championships are within Renaults grasp. At least they are theirs to lose. All they need is to keep racking up decent points and it's all theirs. While I am a die-hard Ferrari/Michael/Rubens fan, I can also acknowledge the fact that McLaren and Renault are the better teams this year. And it is good to have some new champions every once and a while.

Lastly I want to talk about the race coverage. This race was broadcast by CBS instead of the regular Speed Channel team. While the coverage was good and the commentators knowledgeable they lacked the style and familiarity that Bob, David & Steve have. Props to CBS to try and get more US coverage of F1 but it's not the same with out "the guys." Thankfully we'll see them again in Hungary this Sunday.

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  1. I forgot to post one other thing that happened on Sunday. Seems the FIA has decided to find all the Micheline teams (who pulled out of the fiasco in Indianapolis) not guilty. Some contract BS between the teams and the tire company. Personally I think this is disgusting and pathetic. But the all mighty $$$ rules the world.