Sunday, July 17, 2005


My son an I just started playing Time Splitters on the PS2. It's just a basic FPS. I'd played it a little before him so I started out better than he. That lasted about three games. Now, normally I wouldn't let him play a violent game (no GTA here) but this game has no graphic violence, no blood and such, and the bots you kill are mummies and zombies so it's not "real" killing. It's a break from the car/racing games he always plays. FSP's aren't my preferred games, I like games in the style of Way of the Samurai, but it is paradoxically relaxing to just run around and shoot everything in site during a good "deathmatch." One thing that's funny is that we both have different weapon sets we go well with. I can tear up just about any game when the weapon set is only regular guns (pistol, uzi, M-16, shotgun, etc) but he is a master with the plasma set (all types of laser guns and a rocket launcher). It's the rocket launcher that always gets me. I get creamed by anyone who has it yet tend to blow myself up when I have it. Anyway, tomorrow we'll play some more and maybe try building some custom weapon sets.

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