Monday, July 25, 2005

The downside up of things

Sometimes it just takes a swift kick in the pants. Sometimes it take a slow, steady path. Sometimes it happens and you don't even know it.

So what the hell am I talking about? Good question. Anyone have any idea? No? Me either.

Comcast really sucks! Lately I'm lucky if I can squeeze one or two hours of online time. Broadband my @ss. I got your broadband right here, buddy. Tomorrow I'm going to call and yell at them. And if they give me any crap about no support because I'm not running Windows they're really in for it. I drive to the frelling local office and raise hell.

Another call-and-yell target is the garbage people. They pick up on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Last Friday they never picked my garbage up. Got everyone else's on the street. Left my stinking pile right were it was. I know I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but it seems to me that someone who is providing a service that I am paying for should actually provide said service. Call me crazy.

Saturday I had a fun day. I met with a local Thai Language group for lunch at a local Thai restaurant for some great food and lots of stimulating conversation. We did spend most of the time speaking English, though. But it was still fun. The group started on Meetup but when Meetup went to a pay system everyone bailed. The group usually meets in the DC area as it's central for everyone. They came down my way because they know I can't make it up there. It was a very nice gesture.

After lunch I went shopping with my {I need to find something to call her other than "The Chinese Lady"}. I drove and we were going to a outlet mall about 45 or 50 minutes away. Well, after being on the road for almost two hours I figured that we'd passed it. The extra driving wasn't so bad because she likes all that Nature and Mountains and Trees stuff. So we backtrack and there's the darn thing with a great big sign in front. Fine, whatever. We walked to two or three stores before I had to bail out and sit on a bench for the duration of the shopping. It wasn't bad because the weather was splendid and I brought my harmonica with me. I sat there and played some blues riffs for two hours by the time she made it back around. Oh, I did buy belt for myself while there.

After the shopping we came back and spent a few hours talking about us and what "us" is and what we are looking for and how we might be better able to reach that goal. It's a little hard because she's of the "Actions speak louder than words" side and I'm of the "I can't read your mind; for $DEITY's sake just tell me" variety. We spend at least an hour-and-a-half talking about the same thing that we both agree on but from different perspectives. Like two sides of the same coin. She did admit that I am attractive to her and she doesn't mind holding hands and even a quick smooch (just not where anyone can see, which still cracks me up). Unfortunately, she is going to be very busy this week and I'll be away for a family reunion this weekend and a good portion of next week. That will give us about three weeks to try and get in as much dating as possible before school starts. Not that I plan to stop when it does. It's just easier to make plans and coordinate things now.

Just finished watching the movie Constantine. It was interesting and had some perspectives not normally seen in movies from the big studios.

I'm going to bed now. Hopefully the 'Net connection will be up long enough to post this in the morning.

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