Thursday, July 21, 2005


Lately I have noticed there are a lot of ads on TV for meds to treat Erectile Dysfunction (what used to be called impotence). There's one where this mature yet sexy brunet is going on about her husband/partner/boyfriend is using this particular medication and now he's a jackhammer (or something along those lines). I haven't done any research into ED but it seems to me that we, society, are starting to work our way into a spin cycle.

ED can be caused by physical as well as mental/emotional reasons. Stress, depression and all that stuff. But it's also caused by chemicals. The ones I'm specifically referring to are the meds that everyone and his brother are on. With the relaxing of the whole medication approval system by the FDA some years ago it seems like there are more and more new pills to cure us form anything and everything that is happening to us.

This I know because I'm one of the ones who's taking a bunch of meds for a number of reasons. I'm taking stuff for Fibromyalgia, prostrate, sleeping disorder, depression, acid reflux and pills to help me sleep. It's a wonder I can get up (out of bed in the morning) let alone get up. So far it looks like I'm not totally incapacitated in that area. Everything still works well enough. But it's a miracle it does. Hell, I'm so doped up it's a miracle anything works on me.

But I digress.

The topic was ED. My thoughts on it are that the meds being prescribed for ED are just helping to pollute us so that we will need more meds to fix that which will in turn require meds to alleviate the symptoms brought on by that new wonder drug. <big breath>

What good is it to take pills to make your life better if you have to take pills to offset them in the first place?

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