Friday, July 22, 2005

Free Bird

Still no sleep.

Skynyrd is on now.
I'm thinkin' that a free bird is what I should be.
I'm getting nowhere now.
No road ahead of me.
It's all impenetrable forest.
Maybe I can fly away.

God I really love this song.
It's not just the lyrics.
The guitars are beyond description.
Gary on slide during the first half.
Then it's Allen.
You can hear it all him in the studio version.
On the live album it's him starting out then Steve comes in with the second lead.
Gary may have taken the lions share of leads over the first life of the band but it was Allen who touched me.
Free Bird and his leads on That Smell are, well, words fail me.

The bottomless pit that is our banking system has opened up for me again.
I had a couple of $8 and $12 charges that were over limit and they slapped on the overdraft penalty.
It even went up from $33 to $34 a pop.
So instead of being $35 in the hole I'm somewhere closer to $350 in the red.
I should start looking for stuff I can sell off.
I'd do eBay, but that's like work.
Maybe try the local pawn shops first.
My wedding band should be worth something.
And I have a ton of perfectly good computer(s) and parts that are just gathering dust.

Maybe sell everything and move to Jamaica.
No, Italy.
No, maybe South East Asia.
Thailand would be good.
No, still not right.
I need my own Island.
Just a small house, electricity, plumbing, 'Net access...
Get food drops from a C-130.
Yeah, that's the ticket.

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