Friday, July 08, 2005

HELP! Sendmail is killing me

I have been without email for over a week now. I finally upgraded my server from Red Hat 6.2 to CentOS 4 (a Red Hat Enterprise Linux clone). This is a good thing in the long run but the disparity between the software in RH 6.2 and RHEL 4 is so great that I am having a real rough time bring the configurations over. Particularly sendmail. I can't get it to accept mail. It's even rejecting mail from itself. The problem seems to be sendmail's interaction with tcpwarppers and possibly something int he config that is set too securely in order to keep out spam. If I can ever get mail working I plan on setting it up to authenticate users, which will help keep /etc/mail/access from needing dozens of addresses. I still need to work on web and ftp but those are all secondary to mail. If it were just my email it wouldn't as bad but my family and a few friends use this box for their primary email. My mother has made it clear that she wants her email back ASAP. So, if someone out there who might be able to lend a hand (assuming that anyone other than the E-man reads this) I would be greatly appreciative. In the mean time I can be reached at, though I'm not feeling like much of a guru these days.


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  2. Joe, the one time I got sendmail to work, I used the Fedora/RH guide I'm sure you are:

    MTA Guide

    So if it's beyond that...hmm, ever tried Postfix?

    Also, if you want, I can put a link to this on my local LUG. They are more server-y than I am.

  3. /var/log/messages and /var/log/maillog (I am guessing on that last filename) don't offer any hints?

    Also, I believe sendmail now works in two stages: smtp and some kind of mail submission program (smmsp? Something like that?). A while back when I updated my mail server I had to set up a file to take care of this submission program. Damned if I can remember what I did to set it up, but that may give a hint or two about where to look for solutions. I do recall that no mail would be delivered at all until I set up

    I've considered switching from sendmail more than once in the past. Why I stick with it, I don't know. It seems to be more obtuse than necessary.

  4. I'm hoping to go up to the site tomorrow or Monday and do a reinstall. I think I got to fancy the first time because I'm so accustom to doing "Custom" installs. The plan is to save everything (at least everything I can remember to) and reinstall with the "Server" option. I'll leave the disk partitioned as is and then we'll see what happens. And if that doesn't work I'll put Fedora Core 3 on it. Just to be more careful I'm going to print out all the release notes and other pertinent documentation ahead of time. Sometimes it just comes to RTFM.