Sunday, July 10, 2005

More fun followup

I spent 4 hours working on that frelling machine. I got the system reinstalled and everything looks good (no obvious sendmail errors) but now the ethernet link isn't working. There's lights on the switch and on the box but no matter how I try and config it I get "Destination unreachable" kind of errors. At first I thought it might be the on-board NIC so I disabled it in the BIOS and put a NIC card in. La-de-da-de-da and everything came up cool. Start the networking and what do I get? Same error. I need to get with my buddy and see if there's maybe a cable problem or config issue on his switch. I really hate when things don't work for no reason.


  1. Incorrect netmask or broadcast, perhaps?

  2. That's the exact symptom you'd get with this. But no, the IP's and all are correct. Dale said he'd had some problems with the router earlier last week so it looks like it might be something there. He's up at the sight today trying to see if he can get my box online. Keep your fingers crossed.

  3. Bleep Bleeping computers!!!!!

    This "without email for two weeks" is murder! My buddy tried all day today to get the box to talk on the network to no avail. There's nothing wrong with the configuration, we both went over the same ground and hacked on the same things. No dice.

    I hate computers.