Sunday, July 10, 2005

More fun today

I got a few things to do today.
  • Get the left front tire fixed
  • Drive the hour-or-so trek up to the CoLo site and try to fix snowball
  • Go to a birthday dinner for my youngest brother
I'd say to send him a birthday email but his email is down, too. Both my brothers and my mother use snowball for mail, as well as a hand full of others. If/when I get the box back into working mode I wonder how many of them will stick around. Not that it really matters. The box is there for me and my family. Anyone else is welcome but as I try to tell everyone the system is not (yet) stable and could suffer from some extended down time. Like now. But if I get this box working it should stay up and solid for a long time. Oop! Gotta run. Pep Boys opens in half an hour and they do first come, first served. Wish me luck

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