Friday, July 22, 2005

Mush a ring-a ma doo duh ma da

Whack for my daddy'o
Whack for my daddy'o, there's
Whiskey in the jar'o

Another sleepless night. Having a bunch of these lately. Can't figure out why.

Got a call today from a head hunter (i.e. Recruiter). This in itself isn't anything spectacular. My resume has been out there since November when I got laid off. And while I haven't been actively pursuing jobs I still get about a call a week. They're all like, "You have a great skill set. We have a job for you." So I say, "Thank you. But I can only work part-time." That's when I get the, "Oh. Well we don't have anything part-time. If something comes up we'll call you." I'm just holding my breath 'till they do. There's no real likelihood that I'll find a job in my career field. There aren't any part-time high-end techie jobs. But this time I didn't get the immediate hang-up. The recruiter said that the job opening has been open for a while and they desperately need to fill it. Seems they want a lot of experience but aren't willing to pay for it. Whatever. So the head huntress says she's going to try and get me a face-to-face with someone at the company. If she can do that I have a fairly good shot at getting something. Maybe. Half of someone is better than the nothing they have now. We'll see.

Women. Can't live with 'em and you can't shoot 'em. Between my ex and my... uhm... well... whatever we are now, I'm going to have a psychotic episode or something. One is such a flake it's hard to keep up. The other is coming from a different planet, or at least a different part of the planet. I'm shell shocked. I might have a date for Saturday but apparently I won't know until I'm on it. Or something.

I just read on Yahoo; Brazilians used Orkut as drug distribution network. Is anyone shocked by this? If you are then you've been living under a rock. I think I still have an Orkut login. I've been talked into joining all these "social networks" like Orkut and LinkedIn and such. I don't have the time or inclination to actually mess with these things. I'm a hermit now anyway so I don't want to be social.

Damn! Fell asleep at the switch. It's a good thing I got some tunes on. I'm making a collection of driving songs. These are songs that make driving more fun (and occasionally go a hair faster than the speed limit). Right at this moment Dio's Rainbow In The Dark is on. I already went through Stiff Upper Lip from AC/DC, Fireball from Deep Purple, Paranoid (if you don't know who did this song you should be ashamed of yourself!), and Highway to Hell (again, if you don't know...). Barracuda from Heart is next up. I got 27 songs so far. Lucky for me I don't have a CD player in my car. All I'd need is to get pulled over for speeding. Now it's The Trooper from Iron Maiden. The song about The Charge of the Light Brigade. I can't watch that movie without hearing this song in my head during the charge. If you haven't seen this movie, again you should be ashamed.

Well, it's still dark out. I really should get to sleep. Sooner or later. Looks like it'll be later.

The F/X Cable channel is has been showing reruns of Buffy. I almost forgot how good this show was. They are on the, what, 5th season now. The one with Dawn and Glory. {Wheel in the Sky... keeps on turnin'} I wish I could buy the entire series on DVD. I still haven't seen the last season.

"Helpless people on subway trains scream, bug-eyed as he looks in on them." I think I got the last Godzilla movie that Toho will make. At least they say they are retiring the big guy. I hope not. Godzilla is a very special favorite of mine. Well, Miki Saegusa, played by Megumi Odaka, is another one. But of all the movies I've seen I think that the original 1954 version (the 1956 reedit with Raymond Burr will do in a pinch) and the 1999 release Godzilla 2000 are the best.

Ah! The sun is coming up now. I guess I might try and get a few winks in. Mmm... Rock Bottom by UFO. Michael Schenker is a god with the guitar. It's to bad he isn't less of a Brian Wilson and more like his older brother.

Saturday could turn out to be a good day. I'm meeting with a local Thai Language Enthusiasts group at 1230 then, hopefully, going out on the date mentioned above. I'm not holding my breath but it really would be nice to see if something is happening between us. I need a crash course in Mandarin as well as some background in the cultural make up of a Chinese woman my age. Heh, even with that and mind reading I don't think it'll help me any.

Well, nothing like stream of consciousness bloging. I'll try it sometime when I'm not semiconscious.


  1. Have you thought about teaching at a local college? I don't know what kinds of credentials you need to do that, but I know a number of the teachers at the University of Utah have full time jobs and just teach a class or two in their spare time.

    Just a thought.

  2. Actually, I have checked into it. In order for you to even be considered for applying for a teacher position you must have a degree. It can be in any field, but you have to have one. No exceptions. My University experience was, well, less than stellar. Something about having to attend classes or some such rubbish.