Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Amber Benson, I hope you find this

Just read where Amber like to google her name. In the (very) off chance she finds this I want to talk a bit about her role as Tara on Buffy. Why? Because it's my blog.

There were many reasons I liked Tara. Her vulnerability and shyness just made you want to hold her and protect her fro the universe. The way she looked in the funky fashions that the show had for their characters was both plain and exotic at the same time. Side note: what's with TV witches and their really, um, questionable fashion sense? It wasn't to bad on Buffy but Charmed? They look ridiculous.

Anyway, back to Tara. I know that some guys liked the whole lesbian thing, especially when Willow and Tara were kissing and such. But I liked it more from the perspective that these were two people in love and they made such a romantically cute couple. Tara's love for Willow was very pure and lasted through Willows bit of magic addiction. Side note again: I was married to a lesbian for 11 years so I have a little insight on some things gay related.

Tara was also very warm and hugable. Another side note: Amber, don't ever listen to those people talking about, "If you'd just lose 20 pounds blah blah blah." You are perfect as you are.

All of the above I attribute to Amber's acting ability. She made Tara something very special. I remember her last episode. The show began and Amber finally got billing up front in the main credits during the opening theme song the show. I was like, "Damn! It's about time!" Then she's dead. Oh man, I was so angry. I was all ready to start writing nastygrams to Joss for that one.

I've been watching the reruns on FX lately and they just had the Buffy Musical episode. I've always wondered if all the actors used their real voices for the singing. It seemed like it. I know that A.S.H. can sing. There weren't any "XYZ's voice sung by" credits at the end of the show but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Still another side note: I remember in the Xena Musical episode R.O'C. used a sing-in (even though she's said to have a wonderful singing voice).

You know, sometimes I wish I could spend some time just sitting and talking to some celebrates like Amber. Don't worry girl, I'm not going to be stalking you. But some people I find very interesting and would just like to spend a little time chatting about stuff. Not specifically about "The Business." Skynyrd had a great song that expressed what I think most famous people feel in Don't Ask Me No Questions. With Amber I'd like to ask about her interests and why she's a vegetarian (I've found that people have some very interesting reasons for eschewing meat). Side... well, you know: When we lived in Germany we became good friends with a fairly famous regional band because we didn't ask them about music and touring and gigs and all.

So, that's my mini-commentary to Amber Benson. If she does happen across this post then, well...

Hi Amber


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

    I was never into Buffy, though my friends say I'd love it. Maybe I should give it a shot.

    I live about 20 minutes from the German border, so I spend a fair amount of time there as well. Good times.

  2. *gasp* Lisa, I am shocked you never watched Buffy. I thought I loved you.

    Seriously... Tara. I liked her a lot, but when they kissed I just "ewwwd" and turned away. I don't know why it did that to me, but it did.

    I was seriously pissed when she got shot also.

    Don't we sound like morons when we talk about Buffy? I'm always afraid someone can overhear me talk about it with my best friend, look over and *see* I am not 15.

    Really, it was a good show!

  3. hi thanks for visiting my blog :)
    i LOVE buffy!
    tara and willow were awesome together. they were passionate, tender, and deep. i felt more for their chemistry then i ever did for say, buffy and riley.
    great blog!

  4. HMH and Cheri - I'm am old phart of 42 now and I have no problems talking about Buffy. I even got some Buffy inspired fonts I can use for documents and such. They are pretty cool looking. See http://photos23.flickr.com/32809743_0faad986b0.jpg.

    Musie - Buffy and Riley were about a one sided love. Her relationship with Angel was more "real" to her. I always felt for Riley, I've been in his shoes before. Well, not the Super Soldier part but the one way love part. Not having seem the last two seasons I can't say where things ended up but I think that Spike was the one who loved Buffy the most. But Tara and Willows love was about as strong as I've seen portrayed on TV between any couple, straight, gay or other.

  5. Just FYI x-nc
    I am 35 - younger than you yet.. still too old to be gushing in public about Buffy, Angel and Star Trek