Monday, August 29, 2005

Back to school

School starts next week, after the holiday. I knew it was coming but it really snuck up on me anyway. So now I have to get us both back into the school schedule. Today isn't going so well as it's already 1:30 hours after someone's bedtime and he's still up. He's not all to blame, though. I didn't exactly do the best I could have at getting him in bed in the first place. But something extraordinary happened and I couldn't let it go.

Sometimes, when we get ready for bed, my son will ask questions about life, the world, people, whatever. They are pretty good questions and I try and answer them as honestly as I can. Tonight we started out talking about math. Multiplication and division, specifically. He known that any number divided by 1 is itself and that any number divided by itself is one. He'll be starting 3rd grade so it's good to talk about these kind of things. Anyway, while talking about division I told him about dividing by zero. Anything divided by 0 is not 0 or even nothing. It just isn't. He kinda understood this in a general way. I then commented that black holes were where the universe divided by zero. This started a discussion on quantum physics.

Seriously. No, at 8 years old he doesn't have the knowledge or experience to understand the specifics of a discussion on how black holes work and the fundamental aspects of gravity wells and all that. However, when he was explaining it back to me (he used an analogy to a Danny Phantom episode; how cute is that!) it was clear that he was following what I was saying quite well. I used to have discussions like this with his mother and he's catching on quicker than she did. OC, she had a big handicap to get past so it's understandable that she didn't get it all on the first few passes anyway. Still, for an 8 year old just going into 3rd grade I thought he did a splendid job of it. Maybe he'll have a love for math like I had. Or even a knack for the sciences like his Pap Pap, my father, had.

You know, of all the classes I ever took in school, from K through a second semester of university, the most fun and enjoyment I ever got from a class was Calc II. The concept of imaginary numbers and infinite infinities is pure heaven.

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