Saturday, August 13, 2005

Four years of blogging

Jun 11th, 2001

That's the date I made my first "blog" post. OC, it wasn't called blogging back then. This post was done on K5 in the diary section. Back then K5 was a quality place with some good content. But, just like /., the freaks found it and it got less useful.

Next I switched to my .Mac account using iBlog on June 16, 2004. That had some very nice features and was a joy to work with but I could only post when I was on a Mac with iBlog. This got to be a little limiting. That's when, on May 30, 2004, I switched to Blogger.

Having the decent web interface made it easy to post something no matter where I was. And recently I found Drivel, a wonderful little tool to write blog entries offline. The email-to-post system for Blogger works fine but I haven't used that much at all. It's nice knowing it's there, though.

Over this time many, many things have happened to me and to the world. I know my blog isn't one people are going to flock to. All I ever do is rant about my life, just like the zillion other bloggs out there. Maybe someday I'll have something to say. In the mean time I'll just keep plugging away and posting useless crap here as long as I can. What else can you do?

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