Thursday, August 11, 2005

It keeps you runnin'

I should be in bed.

The lack of sleep I've been having caught up with me last night. I ended up sleeping something like 16 hours. Now, of course, I can't get to sleep. I better start getting back into a normal routine soon 'cause school's starting and I'll have to be able to manage my son. He'll be in 3rd grade this year. Man, time flies.

Looks like my ex might be moving back here to this area after all. Her move to MD was very disruptive and difficult. But having her back locally will make things much easier. It's still up in the air whether her girlfriend will move down here. She wants to stay in MD. Whatever. I believe that my ex's lease is up in December so things won't happen until then anyway.

I spent most of the time I've been awake out with my, what did I decide to call her? Damn, I need to come up with something better than "Chinese Lady." Anyway, she had an appointment with someone (who ended up not showing ) so we went to eat and she wanted to do some quick shopping. For clothes. The words "woman", "shopping", "clothes" and "quick" just don't go together. I guess it was only about 2 to 3 hours and she did get some serious bargains, including three par of slides for about $45 total. I almost was able to talk her into these metallic green thong sandals but she didn't go for it. Man, those would have been very sweet on her.

Have I mentioned that I have a small but healthy foot fetish? I like to see women feet. Barefoot or sandals are always good. That's one of the reasons I like spring and summer. For the record, I'm not into stomping or foot bondage or extreme licking and sucking and all that. I like to look, occasionally touch and, when ever possible, some kissing and, well, ok, a little licking. It's not mandatory that this be a part of every intimate encounter but when it avails itself I'm more than happy to enjoy.

Speaking of intimate contact, I wish she (the Chinese Lady, not my ex) would be more into it. Not extreme sexual stuff, though that's always good. I mean just hand holding and hugs and smooching. It's not like she doesn't like it, she just doesn't seem comfortable with it. Sometimes. But it's ok. I am just fine being the initiator. Heck, it could be cultural, what do I know.

I did find out today that she was one of the people who took to the streets in protest during the Tiananmen Square incident. Man, I remember that time. I honestly thought that the communist party in China was going to find itself in the same boat as with Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. I guess that I was overly optimistic due to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now that's something I still, to this day, have strong feelings about. There's no way to describe it to someone who wasn't there. Especially in the mid-to-late 80's. I once worked about 20 kilometers from Pershing missile silos. Oh what fun days those were.

There's a lot of dust here in the "computer room." Right now there's only two systems running. I've had as many as 6 or 7 up at the same time but it's not worth the extra electricity to run anything else at the moment. The poor Untra 5 is just to old (re: weak and under powered) for any real use. Still, I have it for any potential Solaris work I might encounter. Or hope to encounter.

Anyone know a good "Good Luck" spell or charm? I could use one about now.

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