Sunday, August 21, 2005


Last night I went to my first Texas Hold'em poke tournament. My brothers have been going for a while. My youngest "little" brother even one one of the tourneys last week. Seems many of the sports bars and some restaurants are getting into it. It's free to play, they give you chips and you play till you're out. The money they make in on drinks and food.

Anyway, I had played a little TH before when we'd have poker nights back at my last job. I had some idea of how it was played. But there are strategies and all kinds of things that the long-time players know. I just played then same way I play pool; poke-n-hope. Clueless is my middle name.

So I'm playing and they have 8 people at each table. There must have been 5 or 6 tables running. I'm playing with a mix or newbies like myself and seasoned veterans. My game goes fairly much as it usually does for me, I bet stupid and lose a lot. But when I got down to a relatively small stash I went "all in" and won. This brought me up to the second most "money" at the table. I then hung on while 4 of the original 8 ended up out. When you have less than 5 at a table they will start consolidating so 2 more people came over to our table to play. I coasted in neutral for a few hands then bet big on a low percentage hand. And won. This knocked two more people out so another two were brought in. One of them, a nice lady in a pink top, had a BOATLOAD of chips. After trying to hang in for a few hands (all of which Ms. Pink won) I ended up with only $47K in chips so I went "all in" again on a crap hand. Needless to say Ms Pink won again and I was out.

All in all I had a great time. I don't think I'll get all poker obsessive as some people do. Nor be a fanatic like my brothers and sister. But I will try and go to some of these tournaments when I can and have fun. The poker is free so what the hell, right? It's not like I got anything better to do, it seems. (But that is for another day)

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