Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Still can't sleep!!!

Goddamn motherfucking shit-ass son-of-a-goddamn-fucking-bitch insomnia! I want to SLEEP!!!!!


  1. Have you tried reading before bed? Sometimes not being able to sleep can be caused by not being able to slow down your thought processes (at least that's how it is for me, a guy whose brain goes a million miles an hour when it doesn't have something specific to concentrate on). I don't know if that's applicable here but it's a thought.

    Another non-drug thing that found helped was doing stretching exercises. It's amazing how much tension can affect sleep.

  2. I found some other suggestions on the web (some I've used in the past) Take a hot bath (ie tub) before bed. Don't smoke or drink close to bed time. And if what women say is true, sex seems to make men sleep. Of course, that one may be hard to take care of. Good luck, I've been there and I know what it's like.

  3. e-man: I used to read voraciously. One of the troubles with that is I get so into the book that I end up reading way past time for sleep. The stretching is a good idea. I need to get into some kind of physical exercise routine here soon. I've got a plan all worked out (well, almost all worked out) that I want to start now. That will help some.

    I think the problem is the meds, though. More specifically it's due to chemicals. I've been weaning off of the meds now and that's changing things a bit. I've gotten all off of the Elavil and am working on some others now. I think that's where some of the deep level anxiety is coming from.

  4. steve: I've got a strange small phobia about baths. It's not related to any movies or fear of drowning or anything like that. The smoking and drinking thing is well known. And no caffeine, too.

    As for sex, I'm one of those who crashes really well after. Back when I was married ex got all mega-hyped up after sex. Many women complain if their men fall off because they want to talk or cuddle or whatever. My ex used to love that I was out so she could clean the apartment,

    It is funny... Other than the sexual orientation aspect we were quite a good fit. Oh well.

  5. Well, I could see how the sexual orientation could be a problem.

    As far as reading. Since you said you get too involved with a book, you need to find one where that won't happen. Might I suggest the Clinton Biography. From what I've heard, its not only long, but boring. Should put you right to sleep.

  6. The only way that I have been able to get to sleep for years is to read a book. Sometimes I don't even get through a page, sometimes it's half a book. A lot of the time, probably it's just the habit of having the book in my hands.
    It also helps if I take a couple aspirin at bedtime. It seems like this wipes out all of the aches and pains that can keep me from dozing off.