Friday, August 05, 2005

Traveling sucks

Man, I hate traveling. Not that I hate visiting someplace either new and exciting or old and familiar. I hate the actual getting there and coming back of it all. As far as I'm concerned they can't invent teleportation devices soon enough. I know many people who love to get in their car and drive. The journey is as wonderful as the destination. At one time I may have been something close to that. Back in Germany it was a pleasure to drive and the trip wasn't as bad as it could have been. But in the decades since then I have had to endure the US highway system (there's a joke) and I have become far more brittle of bone and achy of muscle. I can handle driving for a few hours, today I did a stint of 2h and another of 6h. While I am capable of doing the latter I will end up being damn near immovable tomorrow. But enough grumbling about the ride, let's get to the vacation part.

We initially went up to central PA for a family reunion. This was the second year that they put together a big cross section of the family tree. The beginning was my mothers fathers father. Since he had 9 siblings and my grandfather had 10 and my mother had 9 this leads to a veritable forest. Last year it was quite fun. Well organized with the exception of things that kids could do. But there were group pictures of each branch and the elders would tell stories of their youth. An altogether enjoyable gathering. This year they bettered last by having organized games for the kids. However, other than that the reunion was a bit of a disappointment. One of the branches of the tree held their own reunion just days before so they weren't very sociable (understandable as three days of reunion is more than enough for any family). The organizer(s) did put together a four inch book of old documents and pictures as well as each family tree and pictures more current. About a third of it was junk for our line because it was about people so far removed that they were virtual strangers at best and, well, let's just say that they weren't well tolerated by my section of the tree. They screwed up my sisters family name even after getting three corrections to it before hand. Even with all this it wasn't that bad. The turnout was far lower than expected but I did get to meet and talk to some relatives that I would only see at this reunion. There are a lot of really hot women in the tree, too, so the eye candy was nice. Side Track: I always think of the Jeff Foxworthey joke, "If you go to a family reunion looking for a wife, you might be a redneck." In the end it wasn't a total loss but wasn't quite worth the trip up.

After the reunion we drove to Pittsburgh to spend the week with my mum's sister(s). Two of the four girls in the family live just across a park from each other. The fourth is in Colorado but she's not very mobile, I'm afraid. While there my son and I did a LOT of nothing. resting watching TV and playing down in the park. He went out with mum and my one aunt shopping and had a great time of it. I stayed home and washed laundry (and vegged in front of the TV while doing it). We always do enjoy visiting with them. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't spend time with one of my cousins. She was born exactly one day before me. So we like to kid each other about her being the "old foggy" and me being the "young whippersnapper." The aunt we stayed with, she and her husband are 80 years old. And man, I couldn't try and keep up with uncle J. He's basically blind and can just hear a bit with his hearing aid and still does "more before 9am than I will all day," to borrow a phrase. Aunt J is just as spry and in better shape but she adds the quality of being able to talk forever. This is, of course, what Italian grandmothers do, you know. The other aunt is, I believe, 76 years old. And if you met her you'd think she was in her 40's by appearance and in her 20's by her actions. I've never known anyone with as much energy and stamina as aunt A has with the exception of young children. It's exhausting just watching her.

The trip home was, as already mentioned, chalk-full of suckieness. Looks like there's a storm brewing WRT my ex about custody and all. But I'm putting that off 'till next week. Right now I'm going to rest and spend the weekend catching up on recorded Buffy reruns and the piles of email that have stacked up. Maybe post a few more things on here.

We'll see.

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