Monday, September 05, 2005

Death to all Bush haters!

The other day I was watching an old-school "adult movie" (Candy Stripers, 1978) and it brought up something I've been wondering for a while now. When, and more importantly how, did shaving off all your pubic hair become all the rage? I've heard a number of different reasons but they are all ridiculous. I can understand a woman wanting to keep the bikini line trim, but completely bald just doesn't make sense. At least not to me. If I were ever with a shaved woman I would be turned-off by it. It's to much like child molesting or something. Hopefully this will just be a cycle and bush will make a comeback. Of course, by the time it does I'll either be dead or to old to care. <sigh>

And you thought this was going to be a political rant.


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  2. Thank god, I was just enjoying the read, and I thought you meant death to all those that hate pres. bush. And I did not want to die.
    I know it's weird. It's kinda pedifile like.

  3. Ms. Sheila said:

    > I know it's weird. It's kinda pedophile like.

    Yes, my feelings exactly. Plus it's no fun. I happen to like to play a little while foraging through a good bush. It's also one of the charms of, well, let's just say I like the way it tickles my noes.

  4. It's so embarassing to have to go to the dentist to get my teeth shaved.

    Hair harbors too many smells and it's too hard to keep clean.

  5. I don't know what you're doing X-ZEC but I've been keeping things clean and fresh for, what, 30 years? At least there have been no complaints. The trick is to use a mild shampoo that doesn't have to strong a fragrance.