Saturday, September 10, 2005

Minor break

As it happens, school has started and I have a brand-spankin' new 3rd grader to have fun with. That plus the fact that I hosed my main system1 will make blogging a little more sporadic. I have the bulk of the "Comments on the Italian GP" done, just got to find them. They are at Spa tomorrow (Sunday) so I might end up posting both of them on the same day. I'll tell you this much, Monza was fabulous. A real fun race to watch.

I also have a girlfriend who's doing her best to have a heart attack or stroke that I need to try and calm down. $DEITY, why do (some) women have to go out of there way to add stress to their lives? You'd think they'd be happy what what life brings them. Oh well...

1 There''s an old saying; If it ain't broke, hack/tweak/thrash/reconfig it 'till it is. At least that's the techie way.

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