Sunday, October 23, 2005


About a week ago I was playing on the couch with my son. We were just pseudo-wrestling (basically I lie there while he jumps on me) and sometime during the fun his hear hit mine. Right over the right eyebrow. Simply put, he knocked me cold. I was only out for a minute 'cause he thought I was joking and jumped on my stomach. When I'm prepared for it I can still withstand something like that once or twice week, but 100% unprepared? Not even if I was awake. It did have the side effect of waking me, though.

Since then I have been having troubles not FM related. I can't stay awake (day or night) nor can I keep my thoughts organized. I know I'm forgetful but not like this! Hell, I've fallen out three times since I started thus message, My ever caring and wise mother said I should have gone to the doctor right away in-case I had a concussion, I probably should have done so. Probably.

Today I spent the vast majority of time either sleeping or wandering around delirious. Things have been settled down since around 5pm but that doesn't mean anything. My next acupuncture appointment is Tuesday so I hope I'm over this enough to drive up there. Even right now I'm fighting it hard.

A lot of this could be mental, as in psychological. Last tie I was wandering off delirious it was helped when i went t the shrink. I just need to get a hold of someone up there to make an appointment.

Besides delirium, passing out and sleepwalking my head is very much in pain. It's like there's a layer of metal between my brain and skull. A hot metal that burns whenever I try to use it or it gets shaken (Ike a sneeze).

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