Monday, October 31, 2005

Comments on the Japanese GP

Well, more like spotty highlights.

This was one of the best races of the season, There are all kinds of fun that was brought on by the fact that most of the top drivers ended up starting from the back of the grid for various reasons. Kimi started dead last and both Michael and Fernando were back in the upper teens. The actual racing and strategies used were more than the usual intrigue. Some of the points I remember from it are that JP got knocked out of the race for the umteenth time. Giancarlo ran a great race that had him leading for most of the latter portions of the race. Alonzo started 16th and came in 3rd. Michael started 14th and ended up 7th. If it weren't for the whole Bridgestone thing he'd have made the podium. Antonio Pizzonia's Williams caught fire in the pit but they just put it out and he was back on the track. Native son Takuma Sato had a real bad race. He started 5th but got buried in the back after a mess-up early on in the race and eventually for DQ'd. Poor Taku. But the most exciting thing of the race was the finish. Giancarlo had been leading but Kimi had worked his way up to 2nd with something like 7 laps to go. Surly not enough for him to catch the Italian, huh? Well, the McLaren was it's usual self and Kimi took huge chunks out of the G-man's lead. By lap 2 he was all over the back of the Renault. Finally, just as they started the last lap, he dove down and took the lead. This gave the Flying Finn his 7th win of the season. But in the constructors championship, with JP out and both Renaults on the podium the lead shifted to the French team by 4 points going into Shanghai.

So, if/when I get around to watching the Chinese race I will post my comments then. With luck it will be before the start of next season.

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