Thursday, October 06, 2005

this is cool

This is cool!
You know, back in the day there was an attempt to create Application Service Providers where servers would host the normal office apps that people use. This way they didn't have to manage this part oftheir IT infrastructure. While this idea didn't actually fail, it didn't pick up outside of some special virtical markets. But now, with AJAX, this idea could become a reality. One app. Oneserver. Dozens (hundreds?) of users. No per-seatlicenses. I reiterate -
This is cool!

{The above is a document that I created on Zoho Writer. It's a web based word processor made possible by the use of AJAX You can go to the site and try a demo. It's worth a look.}


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  2. Friggin' comment spam...

    AJAX is definitely cool, yep. Browsers have to catch up with the technology, though, before it becomes feasible on such a huge scale. The actual programming of AJAX is dog simple, but because browsers don't cache information that is poked into a web page on the fly, things like moving to another web site and then hitting the Back button kill the work you did. That is, unless a lot of serious programming gyrations were performed to work around the issue.

    I've implemented AJAX in the comment system on my weblog at home. It's amazing how little code went into the AJAX part (10 lines? Maybe a few more than that?) and how much went into working around the browser issues (50 lines? 100? Who knows).

    I sincerely hope browsers catch up with this technology because -- like you said -- it's severely cool... :)