Tuesday, December 20, 2005

We are all ...

I have been subscribed to the Doctor Dictionary "Word of the Day" for a little while now. Most of the time I get words I already know but occasionally I get one that's completely new (which is really exciting) or one that is fun with potential realworld usefulness. Todays word is digerati. Pass it on to everyone.

digerati \dij-uh-RAH-tee\, plural noun:
Persons knowledgeable about computers and technology.

As high tech spreads outward from Silicon Valley to
American society at large and people spend more and more
time in cyberspace, the journalist Paulina Borsook steps
back to look at the digerati and their view of the world.
--Michiko Kakutani, "Silicon Valley Views the Economy as a
Rain Forest," [1]New York Times, July 25, 2000

[T]his week, over 3,000 digerati will converge at a swank
theater where chef Julia Child and pundit Arianna
Huffington, among others, will judge 135 Web sites.
--David Whitman, "The calm before the storms," [2]U.S.News
& World Report, May 15, 2000

Digerati was formed by analogy with literati, "persons
knowledgeable about literature."

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