Saturday, January 07, 2006

Finally! An update on my life

Like anyone actually cared.
Oh where to start...

First off, there's a chance I might have a job. It's a sales position (Ugh) at CompUSA. The pay is pretty slim but it's more than I got now. I'm hoping it'll be enough to bring me to a self-sustaining level. The manager who I'd be working under is VERY amiable towards working out accommodations for me and he seems to understand my situation. I just need to pass an interview with the store manager and probably with the HR person. $DEITY I hate interviews.

A while back I mentioned I was gong to see a Neurologist. That went pretty well. There doesn't seem to be any neuropathy showing in the tests but I do have some symptoms in my feet and lower legs. The doctor, who's name is Jim Grim (I'm not making this up), was asking me about the meds I'm on and how they are working. After discussing it with him he said that since I'm taking pain killers that have narcotic qualities or are very low dosage narcotics but not having relief from the pain I might as well be on stronger narcotics. Right now I'm running the risk without getting the benefits. He going to talk to my rheumatologist about it (if he doesn't forget).

Another thing that came up while I was talking to him was the idea of motorized transport, i.e. a motorized wheelchair or scooter. I've been generally against getting a chair because once you get in one it's basically impossible to get back out. However, a while back I was lying on the couch watching TV (pretty much the only other thing I do besides sleep) while my son was outside playing with some friends. Then an ad for The Scooter Store came on and it just clicked. If I had one of these I could be out playing with my son. I could go shopping at the mall or to a movie or pretty much anything I can't do now. This is what led me to ask Dr. Grim about a chair. He said that he's write the referral but it was up to the managed end of the HMO to say yes or no. He didn't think they'd go for it but we figured what the hell. So I went up and asked. Turns out that my plan covers motorized chairs and scooters. So now the referral is supposed to be up with the people who do the accept/reject part of the system. Next week I'm going to try and remember to call and see if anything is happening with the referral. Man, I hope they approve it.

There was also a call this last week from my HMO about some paperwork I put in months ago for my rheumatologist to go over. This is in preparation of trying, for the third time, to get Social Security disability benefits. That's another thing I need to remember to do next week. If I get the chair, too, I just might be able to get those %#*&% people to see the light. But I'm not holding my breath.

There's one thing I have been very amiss on. Back in November I got in touch with the Department of "Getting Disabled People Jobs" (ok, I can't remember the real name but that's what they do). The man there was very helpful and had a number of good ideas. He just needed some paperwork from me to get the ball rolling. Well, with everything that was going on then I completely forgot about it. Luckily Mum remembered and got his name and number for me. Add this to the things to do next week list.

I also need to get with those idiots at Celarity IT. They still haven't reimbursed me for the expense report I had from last January. It's not a great amount of money but it is a couple-a hundred and that would be a great help.

Nothing happening on the "Fairer Sex" front but I think that's going to be the norm from now on. It'll be even harder to find a gal when I'm in a chair. Whatever.

Oh! Mum is trying to broker a deal that would completely change the living arrangements for me & my son, her and my two brothers. If it works out it will save everyone involved a LOT of money. The process will take a few months if it happens so I need to do what I can to hang on now.

Let's see... I guess that's about it. There might be some things I forgot but if so they would only be the very important things. I remember the trivia extremely well.

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  1. Oh, the job thing fell through. Seems that the manager I was working with on this "no longer works at that CompUSA."

    I did apply for a job with Geeks On Call (out of Best Buy) through their website. I'm not holding my breath for anything, though.