Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hatsu Basho starts tomorrow

The January Sumo tournament starts tomorrow and I can't wait. See, there are a number of different games that I play which are analogous to Fantasy Football and the like. Of the games I play, the one that is the primary and that I put the most effort into is Bench Sumo. You don't need to worry about figuring out how to play it or anything. The only important thing is that my rank is Sandanme 1 East. If I can put together a winning Basho this time out I'm good for a promotion to Makushita. That would be very cool. You can see the current ranking of all the Bench Sumo players at Takanorappa's Bench Sumo Ichimon page. And Ichimon is basically just a collection of wrestlers, known as Rikishi. If you're interested in what these strange words mean you can check out the Sumo Glossary. My fighting name for all the games I play is Kuramarujo. Anyway, it's off to bed so I can get a good sleep before the first day's bout. I'm up against Onigashima, who is Sandanme1 West. Should be a good fight.

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