Sunday, April 16, 2006

NewsForge | Christian endorsement of Free Software increases

NewsForge | Christian endorsement of Free Software increases: "Last November I described the Free Software's Surprising Affinity with Catholic Doctrine. Since then, several important things happened, from feedback by Stallman and other Free SW users to the birth, or acceleration, of some projects specifically based on the concept that Christians have even more reasons than others to adopt Free Software."

Just in time for Easter. Now, I was born and raised Catholic, though I would now be considered a lapsed member. But regardless of what my religious belief's are I do know where this guy is coming from. He does bring up the question of whether technology and religion are mutually exclusive. I know most of the techies I have worked with are not what you'd call fanatically devoted to their religion (well, except for one; Herr Wolfgang Wasner). However, they weren't all atheists and agnostics either.

Some people attribute the idea that techies are non-religious because they are only concerned with the technology and "if it can't be explained by technology or science it isn't real." I have found this to be a very small minority of the tech community. Most, it seems to me, are just so preoccupied with the tech/science that they have little of the "fanatical zeal" left over for anything else. But is that really the case? Are religion and technology mutually exclusive?

I wonder...

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