Thursday, April 27, 2006

Say what? A look back at McNealy zingers

Say what? A look back at McNealy zingers: "Say what you like about Scott McNealy, but one adjective you'll never find attached to his name is shy. The Sun Microsystems co-founder has reveled in running his mouth, and the list of 'McNealy-isms' has become legendary within the tech industry. The following includes highlights from two decades' worth of his witticisms:"

They range from "huh?" ["A giant hair ball." (Microsoft's Windows and Windows NT)] to fall-down-funny ["Having Microsoft give us advice on open standards is like W.C. Fields giving moral advice to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir."]

Now that McNealy is stepping down I think Sun is going to, well, it's tempting to use one of the many solar analogies, but basically Sun will fall faster into marganlization than before. If they are lucky they can become something like IBM. If they are lucky.

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