Sunday, July 02, 2006

Henry, 56th minute

Man, what a surprise that was. And I missed the game(s), too. It wasn't so bad as I was helping two very lovely ladies with some computer issues they were having (ok, I didn't do much of anything since they have a WinXP system and I only know how to spell WinXP) but it was a nice afternoon spent talking and enjoying the company. I may still have to razz them a bit, though. After all, it was Brazil that got beat. I love the country and the people there very much; except during World Cup play. My #1 and #2 teams are Italy and Germany, so it's a given that I have to hate Brazil for the weeks of cup play.

But now we have Portugal - France, Germany - Italy. I'd rather see the latter match up in the finals but, hey, we can't have everything. Portugal has a serious shot at making some history. France won the '96 Cup and both Germany & Italy are potentially playing for their 4th cup win to tie the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) 2002 Brazilian team. If all 4 teams play up to the level they are capable of playing then I think it will be Italy & Portugal in the final. France can beat any team on any given day but they tend to have only one or two days given them per cup. Germany can score goals. If they keep it close or, by chance, go to a shootout, they can definitely beat Italy. But overall, I think that the Italian team has the most to play for. After the very serious scandals in their professional soccer leagues this spring they will be fighting for respect and vindication (even if they were all guilty).

So that's my take on the situation. However, if it is France and Germany in the final, I want you to know that you heard it here first.

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