Saturday, July 22, 2006

Some "famous" women I'd like to meet

I got to thinking the other night about some of the well known women I'd like to meet. While running through names in my head there were two that came up which I found interesting. They are Traci Lords and Chloe. While both are (in)famous for their work in porn, Chloe is an active star who can do unbelievable things which I won't go into. Traci is one of the most famous ex stars who has become a legitimate actress, and is really quite good.

Now I'm sure that you'd think the reason I'd want to meet them was, in part or in whole (no, not "hole"), because of their porn life. But you'd be wrong. It's true I have seen both of them in action. I've only seen Chloe once in a rather tame (for her) role and was living in Germany when Traci's porn career was at it's height. Yes, I saw some of the movies she did while still under age. But that is not why I'd like to meet them.

I have seen various interviews and film footage of both of them in non-porn settings and one thing both of them share is a strong (one might say commanding) presence. And both seem to be quite intelligent. I'd like to spend time talking about all kinds of things other than sex and porn and even acting in general. It's hard to explain but I see these women as wonderful personalities that I'd like to get to know better.

But don't think my list is only porn stars. It includes women like Michelle Yeoh, Dame Judi Dench, Grace Hopper (if she were still alive), Sophia Loren, Megumi Odaka, Dawn Staley, etc. But Chloe and Traci are also on this list for the same reason the others are.

They are intelligent and interesting people with whom I would like to converse with.

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