Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What a game!

Man, oh man, oh man! Two hours of headbanging and dive bombing before Italy finally scored to beat Germany in the first Semifinal game. Alessandro Del Piero dropped in a second goal a minute later but it was all over the instant Fabio Grosso caught the far corner of the net in the 119th minute. I was hoping for Germany to take the game, but only a little bit. See, Italy is my #1 team for the World Cup and Germany #2, but the Germans have never beaten Italy in World Cup play. It's a good thing for Italy that they did score at the end of the second overtime period, though. Germany is 4-0 in World Cup games decided by penalty shot while Italy is 0-3 (including the heart breaker against Brazil in 2002). But this might have been what helped Italy as well. I get the feeling that by the later minutes of the overtime Germany was playing for the tie to force the penalty shots. Maybe if they'd been a bit more aggressive... But that's all in the "What If" category. No matter the outcome, though, this was one of the best games I've seen in many years. The Germans played exceptionally well and really could have won the game. Now we'll have to see how France and Portugal do tomorrow. But I tell you, I honestly don't think either of those teams can beat Italy this year.

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