Friday, July 21, 2006

Who knows when?


That's the future for me.


As in:
  • Someday I'll get my boxes unpacked

  • Someday I'll start writing all that stuff I've been wanting to

  • Someday I'll learn at least a little bit about modern programming

  • Someday I'll find a woman

  • Someday I'll do something

Right. And someday pigs will fly. Oh wait! They already have.

Of all those "Somedays" the one I want most is the next to last. The one I need the most is the first. The one that should have the highest priority is the last one.

What's that old quote? "A man has three faces. One face he shows in public, one face he shows to friends and family and one face he only shows himself." I guess I have three futures; the one I want, the one I need, and the one I'll get. But you know something? Right now it doesn't really matter. Right now I am just going to go read some more Buddhist writings in lieu of being able to listen to music.

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