Thursday, July 13, 2006

Zinedine Zidane bullshit

I have a problem with this incident. Zidane is claiming that he headbutted Marco Materazzi because Materazzi said something “very personal and concerned his mother and his sister”. Materazzi had denied saying anything about Zidane's family, especially his mother. "I said nothing to him about race, religion or politics. I did not talk about his mother either," Materazzi was quoted as saying.

Now, I come from an Italian/German background (I'm 3/4th Italian and 1/4th German) and there's one thing I know about the culture of Italians. You never say anything about someones mother. However, even if the unthinkable happened and he did slander Zidane's family, the proper response for the insulted player at this high level of the sport would be a strong push or possibly a good right cross. Both would be bad and deserving of a red card but they wouldn't have been so blatantly hostile and dangerous. A headbutt like that can easily kill a person. It was the same as if Zidane attacked Materazzi with an ax or flail. No amount of insulting, be it ethnic, racial or personal, is deserving of attempted murder.

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