Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sleepless in VA

Another night awake. It's getting monotonous. I'm tired as hell but I can't get to sleep. Maybe something is bothering me subconsciously. Who knows. Anyway, let's see what random things come wafting through that great empty space between my ears.

How about, let's talk about porn. Well, not really port but the gawd awful shoes that the women seem to wear all the time. Is it really sexy to see an woman on platforms that are ridiculously high? We're talking about shoes with 4 or 5 inch platforms and 10 or more inch heals. They look really stupid and clownish, in my opinion. I'd like to find the person who came up with the idea and slap them silly for it.

What else... I've been playing Black for a few weeks now. Man, that is one good game. It's hard as hell, even on the easy level. I'm on the last section of the last mission in Normal mode. There's a Hard mode after this then there's "Black Ops" mode. Yeah, I know, but it's still cool. Somehow I am going to get Ace Combat 5 and Ace Combat Zero in the near future. At least as soon as I can rob a bank or something.

My son has two sleepovers recently. The next door neighbor kid we've known for, what, 6 or 7 years at least, and a friend of his from his last school. It's great having other kids around for him to play with. School starts next Monday; or is it Tuesday. I can't remember. Anyway we need to find the bus schedule and coordinate the rest of the whole "going to school" routine. The hardest part is going to be getting him to wake up in the morning. No, strike that. The hardest thing is going to be getting me up in the morning. But it will be nice to get back to a schedule again.

Went to the pool for what will probably be the last time this summer. Got more sunburn to add to that which I had already gotten. I haven't been out in the, well, outside, so much in a long, long time. My tan is not to shabby, though I'm still quite pale compared to what I was when I was younger. It's hard to believe but I have been mistaken as a black guy on one or two occasions back in the day, With my hair short and from the back I was extremely dark. Only my sister was ever darker. We used to never get sunburn no matter how long we were in the sun. Well, my youngest brother did get burned sometimes as he has the fairest skin tone of the kids. OC, if I were to shave I'd have half my face quite bronzed and the other half pale. I bet it'd be a funny sight.

I better be getting to bed now. It;s far to late for me to be up and I am really tired. Hopefully I can get to sleep now.

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