Thursday, September 07, 2006

Desktop Linux -

Desktop Linux - "Linux today has less than 2% market share on the desktop. That's because with past versions of Linux only hackers could get Linux installed and running right. But a new batch of easier-to-use versions is putting Linux within reach of regular folks."

Maybe there's hope for Desktop Linux after all. Forbes is a recognized "big name" so hopefully there's some legitimacy along with it. Maybe.


  1. Argh... Don't get me started...

  2. Heh, actually I should get you started. It would be good to have some better insights as to what needs to be "fixed."

  3. Unfortunately, the one thing Linux on the desktop needs most is the one thing it'll probably never get: peaceful co-existence of commercial/proprietary software and FOSS.

    FOSS evangelism works great for techies but the rest of the computer usin' world -- the moms, pops, grandpas, grandmas, and most of all the gaggles of office workers who use computers daily -- gets screwed in the process. And with the stuff I've been reading about the new GPL 3, I can only guess the situation is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better, if it ever gets better at all. If I were still a Linux user I'd be very, very worried about Stallman's intentions with GPL 3. It sounds like he may have finally lost his mind.

    BTW, I noted with interest that FreeDOS doesn't use GCC (I guess it's DJGCC on DOS, right?), but instead uses Watcom's C/C++ toolchain. That surprised me for a moment, but after another moment I realized it's not surprising at all. Given the option to go with the FSF or Watcom for the core toolchain I think I'd opt for Watcom as well. Less baggage, more freedom. (FreeDOS, by the way, seems to run great on Parallels Desktop. Now, I need to find that CD with all my ancient Turbo C++ programs on it. What a hoot! :)