Monday, September 04, 2006

FreeDOS 1.0 Released | The FreeDOS Project

FreeDOS | The FreeDOS Project: "FreeDOS 1.0 Yes, the FreeDOS Project has reached the '1.0' milestone. Download FreeDOS - or buy it on CDROM. This is a very important day for FreeDOS. A lot of you have put in so much work over the years, helping to make everything perfect. Even if you didn't contribute code, you helped out the FreeDOS Project by submitting comments and bug reports. Thank you!"

This is really pretty cool. I know I still have my copy of Desqview 386 around somewhere. Just need to find me an old computer and a modem then I'll setup the BBS I used to run back, oh, 15 or so years ago.

1 comment:

  1. It's about time!

    Maybe now I'll be able to load up TheDraw and create some cool retro ANSI graphics. And that old unplugged Compaq Desqpro that the cats have been shedding on for years may become my new Basic Stamp development machine.

    And, and... Holy shiznit, meeeeeeeemorieeeeeeeees...