Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Discovery Channel :: Hubble's Fate Decided Soon

Discovery Channel :: News - Space :: Hubble's Fate Decided Soon: "Oct. 23, 2006 -- The fate of what some scientists dub 'the people's telescope' is again up in the air as NASA decides soon whether to squeeze in a last astronaut repair mission to extend the life of the Hubble Space Telescope.

On Friday, NASA engineers will debate the safety of sending a fifth and final manned space shuttle flight to the 16-year-old telescope, probably in 2008. Soon afterward, NASA Administrator Michael Griffin will make the final call."

I really hope they can get a mission up to extend the life of Hubble. Many people still doubt the value of the space program. But I strongly feel that it is something we need to keep pursuing. Especially the viability of Space Stations and the technology for extra terrestrial colonization.

One thing that would be good is if there was a project to clean up the near Earth orbit space. There's so much junk floating around up there it's getting difficult to plan orbital paths. There's even leaking radioactive flotsam. Space pollution is just as real and as significant as anything here on Earth.

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