Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I wish we could overthrow our government

No, I'm not talking about becoming a Militant militia member and arming myself for the coming revolution.

Yesterday was election day here in the good ol' USofA. For the last few weeks we have been inundated with TV ads and automated phone calls telling us how voting for this one or that one will make live wonderful or plunge the country into hell. The bulk of the ads were those that are characterized as "negative attack ads." These are ads that hammer on how the opponent is a liar and cheat and will do everything in their power to make life miserable for us. One major exception was the adds for Michael Steel. He was running for something (Senate, I think) in Maryland. His ads were all about the actual issues, were very intelligent and didn't go about calling his opponent the reincarnation of the devil.

But there were two ads I heard that took the complete opposite road. While both of these were for Democratic candidates, there is likely plenty of the same from the opposite camp. The first one had three different Democratic politicians liken the election of the Republican candidate to turning the clock back to the racial confrontations of the late 50's and early 60's in the south. "If you thought the dogs and fire hoses in the sixties were bad...". They didn't imply, they outright stated that all of the racial inequities and segregation would return.

Another ad had the voices of a woman, young man and a little girl saying that they were either in a accident or had some genetic ailment. If the Republican candidate were to be elected they would all be dead because of the opposition of stem cell research. They asked if it was right that the candidate be aloud to decide if they should live or die. They said they were your mother or son or granddaughter and if the Republicans won they would all die.

There's two points these adds bring out. First, is there really anyone so absolutely stupid, so completely idiotic that they could actually believe these ads? Second, the fact that it seems political ads can commit slander and say things which would, in any other situation, be cause for a law suite. Again, I want to emphasize that I am not singling out the Democratic party. I am sure that every party has made use of these kind of blatant lies and defamatory tactics. How can anyone stand for it, though.

The absurd part is that even with the change in government makeup, does anyone really believe there will be a big change? Will life and the world be any better? You can follow the presidential elections from Regan through to W and you'll see that any changes that could actually be attributed to the government were different only in superficial ways. One example is that the GOP is supposed to be the business friendly party yet the whole Internet explosion and massive money burning happened during the Clinton administration. Politics is all about money and power. Multinational corporations drive everything. Greed is the god of politics.

I keep thinking there's got to be something better. After all, our current political system was created and refined over three centuries ago. I'm thinking that some things have changed which have effected the system since then. First, the whole Electoral Collage is worthless. Additionally, the act of announcing polling results while the elections are still going on is misleading at best and vote tampering at worst. The two year term for House Representatives is insane. It takes more than two years of campaigning to even run for the office. But is there something better? No, there is currently no better organization of government than the one we have now. Just look at the world over the last century. Most recently, the situation in Thailand exemplifies how things in the rest of the world are much more seriously dangerous than anything we have.

So the bottom line is that our system is really bad but it's much better than anything else out there right now.

And that's depressing as hell.


  1. You should study some philosophy, economics, and history to go along with that attitide.

    If you did, you would find that we do not need to overthrow the government, but rather return to the constitution as it was written. Where in the Constitutions is the government given permission to run public schools, social security, medicare, or regulate industries? (I know about the interstate commerce clause - a crack in the constitution which has allowed innumerable abuses to be made).

    In addition, this country now has too much democracy - by that I mean tyranny of the majority.
    Madison and the others established the government as a system of checks and balances - including a check on the power of the majority.
    The President is not directly elected. We have the electoral collage.
    The Senate was not originally elected - they were appointed by state legislatures. The 17th Amendment provided for the direct election of senators.
    The Supreme Court justices are not elected by popular vote.
    The only place the majority could directly influence in government was the lower house of congress - which was given very specific legislative duties.


  2. Quote:
    If you did, you would find that we do not need to overthrow the government, but rather return to the constitution as it was written.

    Heh, the only way to do that is to overthrow the Government that is currently in power.