Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Overloaded pea brain

There's a bunch of things rolling around in my head lately. Things of interest to anyone/everyone and things if interest only to myself. I just haven't been able to get anything congealed enough to put down here. Lots of random thought whizzing by like gnats. Like Byron "Whizzer" White past a linebacker. I seem to be stuck in the mud or something. My wheels are spinnin' bit I'm goin' no where.

One good thing that happened recently is that I was able to buy a lightweight standard wheelchair. I got it from I have the electronic chair I got off of eBay a while back but until I can find someway to transport it it's only good for in the house and out in the neighborhood. This one at least allows me to go out to things like dinner at a restaurant or a move or something. It's already made a big difference and might let me be semi-sociable again. Not that I have that much of a problem with being a reclusive hermit.

At least my son continues to excel in school. He's really doing fantastic.

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