Friday, December 29, 2006

Counting down

Only three more days of 2006 left. Everyone and their dog are coming out with year in review pieces. I can't remember what happened this past year so I'm going to move onto 2007.

The single most imperative thing I must do for the coming year is go to the doctors. As you may or may not know, I've been avoiding going for a while now. I'm just so tired of going and having nothing come of it. But it's time I got back into the grind and start pushing for better care. One thing that has made a tremendous difference is the wheelchair I got a little while back. It's just a regular chair so I need someone to push me around in it but I've already been able to go out to restaurants and even went to a movie yesterday (Rocky Balboa; yes it was great) for the first time in a while. But there's some serious things going on lately that need attention. I can't keep ignoring them any more. So my plan is to document what I'll be doing and having done to me to try and get a better handle on everything.


  1. Dealing with doctors can be a pain fer sher, but most of them really can help. They may not cure you, and they may not make things 100% (or even 50%) better, but avoiding them could make life worse than it needs to be. It's a leap of faith, I guess. I wouldn't have the guts to stop even if I did get sick of it. I can't imagine what kind of permanent damage could occur if that happened.

    That's just me, though.

    (Happy new year, by the way. :)

  2. I guess for me it was a matter of putting up with close to 15 years of this and having every different doctor tell me that I need significantly different treatments. That or getting the thinly veiled "you're just faking it" treatment.

    But I'm going to take a more aggressive approach to the whole thing now. I just wish I had the energy to be more aggressive.