Sunday, December 31, 2006

On and on and on and on...

Less than 2 hours to go before the coming of '07. It would be better if my son were here with me.

Lately I've been feeling very apathetic about things. Not just mundane things, everything. I'm not really interested in anything much outside of my son. Even playing/hacking on the computer is boring. Nothing worth watching on umpteen channels of TV; no real interest in listening to music. Even the PS2 has no appeal. I would like to read (I'd love to read!) but I can't even hold a book anymore. I can't wait for tomorrow as my son will be back home. That will at least give me some purpose. The sumo games are coming up in a little while, too, so that should help.

I need to find something to occupy my mind. I've said this before many times but I haven't come up with anything yet. There's still the idea of writing. Maybe getting back into programming. I should probably try and look for things outside of my perception. i.e. Something I would never think of on my own. Of course, it's hard to think of something you wouldn't think of all on your own. I wonder if there are any guidance counselors or something. Not a job counselor, someone who could help me find a new interest/passion. Or something like that.

Well, I guess that's it for this year. Kind of a lame post but, hey, I'm not even motivated to write this.

Oh well...


  1. Two suggestions:

    1) Sudoku. My mother who is not mathematically inclined got into it to help focus her frantic, overly excitable brain. She's now hopelessly hooked. I started doing it a while ago to keep my mind sharp and have found that I like it a lot as well. I stick with the easy stuff, though. Difficult levels of sudoku are too discouraging to be fun for me. It's a thought.

    2) There's a book called "What Color is my Parachute" that has been highly recommended for job seekers over the years. It walks you though the process of finding interests that you didn't think you had. You're not looking for a job, but the book could still lead you in a direction you never thought of before. Just another thought.

  2. 1) Sudoku has been recommended to me before. I've looked at it and even though it's all numbers and patterns, two of my favorite things, I'm having trouble finding it interesting. I still mean to try it one of these days. Maybe.

    2) You know, I think I've heard of this. Time to hit the bookstore. Thanks.