Monday, December 04, 2006

Ted's Take - Nanking Film Accepted at Sundance

A friend of mine forwarded this message to me. It's about a film produced by Ted Leonsis that everyone should see. Here is the email -
Ted's Take - Nanking Film Accepted at Sundance

If you haven't heard, please click the above link. Over the last year, Ted has been spending his own money to produce a film about happened in Nanking, China in 1937 when the Japanese killed hundreds of thousands of Chinese. When I talked to Ted about this project a few months ago, he told that he wanted everyone in China to see this movie. He wanted the Japanese government to apologize to the Chinese people for what they did almost 70 years ago.

This film is now accepted at Sundance Film Festival. From what I heard, the reviews felt that it has a strong chance to get an award.

Ted sent the following message to a group of people asking for help. As members of this Chinese community, I strongly encourage to support this effort by signing your own name, asking your family to sign their names, and forward the message to your friends and others in your community. I have signed my name already! Please help to show our support!
Most people these days barely remember anything about World War II. Those that do aren't likely to have the rape of Nanking at the top of their list. This is something that can't be forgotten. The things that happened are equatable to the concentration camps in Nazi Germany.

Here is a message from Ted himself -
Hello and thank you for your help.

Here is more specifically what we need as help.

I will create a form on the website and on my personal blog;it will say..

I have an interest in seeing the film when it comes to a theatre near me; or I want to watch the film on tv; or buy the dvd.


Email address..

Please have people fill out that form.

If I can show a lot of interest in the film,and its subject matter--that is way more important than getting people's comments.

I can then show that high level of human interest to studios and tv networks and show them why they must broadcast and distribute this film around the world.THAT is a much more positive way to handle the subject.

Please make sure that people get this message. We do not want to get into a debate on the film or the subject--as the film hasn't even been seen--we just want to show the industry that this film and its subject matter is important and the world wants to see it.

Please help me to create a buzz and a high level of interest in our wonderful film--I want to stay positive and stay on our higher calling.

Thank you all.
Ted Leonsis
Please pass this information to anyone and everyone you know. The world needs to see this.


  1. I heard from the news that Mr.Ted leonsis had interest in Nanking Massacre by reading Iris Chang’s “The Rape of Nanking”. As you know, this book was published in 1997. After that, she planned to publish this book also in Japan. But she abondoned this plan on the way to translation from English to Japanese.

    Why she had no choice but to abondon her plan? This “The Rape of Nanking” was pointed out 90 errors from many histrian just after publishment. These erros inculded the lack of knowledge about Japanese history(the period of Edo), the lack of knowledge about Bushi-do and Shinto, and using photos no-related to Nanking Massacre…90 errors in total. These erros are primitive for most Japanese. If this book was published in Japanese, many Japanese would have read this book and many Japanese would have doubted the existence of Nanking Massacre earlier, Iris Chang would have been ridiculed among Japanese.

    And yet, in recent, all 143 photos that China offered as evidence of Nanking Massacre turned out fake and fabricated, all of those photos were not related to Nanking Massacre at all. Japanese historian group proved it. Please understand there is the controversy on “Nanking Massacre”, this incident is completely different from Auschwitz and Hiroshima.

    I proposed Mr.Ted Leonsis to insert the following discriptions into photos used with Film “Nanking”,
    1) When was the photo taken?
    2) Who took the photo?
    3) Where was the photo taken?
    I believe the essence of documentary film is the journalistic mind. The journalistic mind appears the attitude to search for the truth. To pursue the truth to the greatest extent possible is the achievement of the documentary film. The finest documentary films have been evaluated from viewpoint of achievement level how they approached the truth.


  2. I appreciate your comment, tamagawa-san. It is always good to know as many sides of an issue as possible. I do not have specific or direct information on the incident, being 25+ years to late, but I do know about much that happened in WWII from both the "Allied" and the "Axis" perspective. I also have access to scholars in Japan and elsewhere from whom I can draw information from.

    Your information is of interest and I think makes a fine rebuttal on the position but there is one aspect that does make things cloudy. Japan as a nation, and the majority of the Japanese, people have been doing a slow revision of history over the last few decades. Much of what happened is being subtly expunged from the Japanese historical accounts of the war. This is understandable as it also has happened to Germany and, even to some extent, the "Allies" (notice France).

    This is why I am greatly anticipating the release of the movie "Letters from Iwo Jima". It should provide some interesting insights hitherto unseen.


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