Sunday, December 31, 2006

On and on and on and on...

Less than 2 hours to go before the coming of '07. It would be better if my son were here with me.

Lately I've been feeling very apathetic about things. Not just mundane things, everything. I'm not really interested in anything much outside of my son. Even playing/hacking on the computer is boring. Nothing worth watching on umpteen channels of TV; no real interest in listening to music. Even the PS2 has no appeal. I would like to read (I'd love to read!) but I can't even hold a book anymore. I can't wait for tomorrow as my son will be back home. That will at least give me some purpose. The sumo games are coming up in a little while, too, so that should help.

I need to find something to occupy my mind. I've said this before many times but I haven't come up with anything yet. There's still the idea of writing. Maybe getting back into programming. I should probably try and look for things outside of my perception. i.e. Something I would never think of on my own. Of course, it's hard to think of something you wouldn't think of all on your own. I wonder if there are any guidance counselors or something. Not a job counselor, someone who could help me find a new interest/passion. Or something like that.

Well, I guess that's it for this year. Kind of a lame post but, hey, I'm not even motivated to write this.

Oh well...

Friday, December 29, 2006

Counting down

Only three more days of 2006 left. Everyone and their dog are coming out with year in review pieces. I can't remember what happened this past year so I'm going to move onto 2007.

The single most imperative thing I must do for the coming year is go to the doctors. As you may or may not know, I've been avoiding going for a while now. I'm just so tired of going and having nothing come of it. But it's time I got back into the grind and start pushing for better care. One thing that has made a tremendous difference is the wheelchair I got a little while back. It's just a regular chair so I need someone to push me around in it but I've already been able to go out to restaurants and even went to a movie yesterday (Rocky Balboa; yes it was great) for the first time in a while. But there's some serious things going on lately that need attention. I can't keep ignoring them any more. So my plan is to document what I'll be doing and having done to me to try and get a better handle on everything.

Friday, December 15, 2006

NUMB3RS = Romance?

CBS has a series that's in it's second year (I think) called NUMB3RS. It's about a math prodigy professor for "Cal Sci" who helps his FBI agent brother with cases by using math to assist in the foiling of bad guys. The show is really cool with lots of cutting edge tech and math. Any techie/geek worth their salt is sure to find this series quite enjoyable. But it's not only for the numerically inclined. "Normal" people like it, too. The stories are interesting and the characters very engaging. The family dynamic with the two brothers and their widowed father (played by Judd Hirsch of 'Taxi' fame) is complex yet an easy fit for the characters and stories. The FBI team has their own dynamic as well as the intellectuals at the university. There are many good things to say about this show but the one I want to touch on here is the romantic aspects.

Now, normally I am very much against romantic match ups between characters in a series because it always seems to be either forced or it overshadows the actual stories. This show is different. There are quite a number of romantic subplots happening that actually add to the whole thing. There's the math whiz brother and his former student-turned-prof on-again/off-again girlfriend/assistant. There's the FBI brother and his many conquests (without being smarmy or unreasonable). The father has had a few dates with "the caterer" and the new department head at the university. And then there's Dr. Larry Fleinhardt and FBI agent Megan Reeves.

Dr. Fleinhardt is played brilliantly by Peter MacNicol. He's an eccentric (some might say weird) cosmologist who will only eat white food and has trouble dealing with things on a scale smaller than galactic proportions. Agent Reeves, played by Diane Farr, is a profiler/field agent who grew up a tomboy and has multiple black belts in various martial arts. Wonderfully enough, Diane is half a head taller than Peter. They are the quintessential "opposites that attract." The way the writers have evolved their romance and the way the actors have played the roles has been a real pleasure to watch. Everyone involved is playing it straight and not as some kind of Beauty and the Geek parody.

While I love the math and tech (and the FBI) stuff, this relationship has been something I've really connected with. Mainly because it gives anyone who is not "normal" the hope that they, too, can find someone who will see past their idiosyncrasies and eccentricities to the real person inside. It gives me hope that there's still a chance for me to find someone. It's a fantasy, of course. After all, NUMB3RS is a TV show and the characters involved are actors. But even the fantasy can be something to hold onto.

Maybe, just maybe, one day, I will meet a girl who will look past the belly and the wheelchair and the poverty to see there's someone worth knowing in there. Maybe.

Or maybe I just need better writers.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

More specific information on my health situation

Thanks to Erik 'the' Ratcliffe for nudging me about this. E-man is dealing with Multiple Sclerosis and has been blogging about it for going on two years.

I've been dealing with my situation for just under 15 years now. The last two years have seen it deteriorate quite rapidly. It probably wouldn't be bad to chronicle what I'm experiencing so that others who might be in the same situation can have some idea that they are not alone. And maybe we can share some of the things that help and things that don't.

Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm opening up

I've created a profile on the project. The graphic on the right under my Blogger profile links to it. I'm not sure what benefit might be gained from it other than possibly allowing me to acknowledge and confront some of my psychological idiosyncrasies.

Friday, December 08, 2006

More on the Nanking film

For those who can read Chinese here is more on the Rape of Nanking film. It seems it's also up on Google Video as well. The video is not what you'd call of great quality but if you can't wait for it to hit any theaters it's an option.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Ted's Take - Nanking Film Accepted at Sundance

A friend of mine forwarded this message to me. It's about a film produced by Ted Leonsis that everyone should see. Here is the email -
Ted's Take - Nanking Film Accepted at Sundance

If you haven't heard, please click the above link. Over the last year, Ted has been spending his own money to produce a film about happened in Nanking, China in 1937 when the Japanese killed hundreds of thousands of Chinese. When I talked to Ted about this project a few months ago, he told that he wanted everyone in China to see this movie. He wanted the Japanese government to apologize to the Chinese people for what they did almost 70 years ago.

This film is now accepted at Sundance Film Festival. From what I heard, the reviews felt that it has a strong chance to get an award.

Ted sent the following message to a group of people asking for help. As members of this Chinese community, I strongly encourage to support this effort by signing your own name, asking your family to sign their names, and forward the message to your friends and others in your community. I have signed my name already! Please help to show our support!
Most people these days barely remember anything about World War II. Those that do aren't likely to have the rape of Nanking at the top of their list. This is something that can't be forgotten. The things that happened are equatable to the concentration camps in Nazi Germany.

Here is a message from Ted himself -
Hello and thank you for your help.

Here is more specifically what we need as help.

I will create a form on the website and on my personal blog;it will say..

I have an interest in seeing the film when it comes to a theatre near me; or I want to watch the film on tv; or buy the dvd.


Email address..

Please have people fill out that form.

If I can show a lot of interest in the film,and its subject matter--that is way more important than getting people's comments.

I can then show that high level of human interest to studios and tv networks and show them why they must broadcast and distribute this film around the world.THAT is a much more positive way to handle the subject.

Please make sure that people get this message. We do not want to get into a debate on the film or the subject--as the film hasn't even been seen--we just want to show the industry that this film and its subject matter is important and the world wants to see it.

Please help me to create a buzz and a high level of interest in our wonderful film--I want to stay positive and stay on our higher calling.

Thank you all.
Ted Leonsis
Please pass this information to anyone and everyone you know. The world needs to see this.

Friday, December 01, 2006

'Coup by stealth' underway in Fiji

'Coup by stealth' underway in Fiji: Fiji's military disarmed the country's police force and threw up roadblocks around the capital on Monday in what Australia believes is a coup by stealth.

The Pacific nation's embattled Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase was holed up at his home in the capital, Suva, on Monday night after armed soldiers stopped him from trying to see the president.

More political fun in the east. This kind of stuff is something more people in the US need to know about. While we're here voting to curtail the the rights of people and making obscene accusations about "the other party" there are people in this world who are hoping to have something other than anarchy when they wake up in the morning.

Next time someone tells you how bad the US is remind them about Thailand, Sri Lanka & Fiji.